Is it needed to have optimized everything at every moment? Well, sometimes I think so. But am I right?

Couple of days ago I’ve finished moving from my current hosting to DigitalOcean. Why did I started this process? Well perhaps because we need some anti(de)optimization at some moments. Actually I was completely satisfied with my current hoster, his price and even WordPress as the blog engine. But at one moment I decided that the time has come and I need some changes.

This desire created some problems for me (for instance I have spend some time moving my posts to asciidoctor format) and now I’ll be paying a little bit more for hosting.

But who cares? Nobody! I’m happy. It’s quite rediculous but I like this idea and I like the way was choosen to implement this idea. Yeah, perhaps I have lost built-in flexibility of WordPress and all it’s plugins with all this stuff. But to be honest - all this extra functionality has no meaning for this pet blog which get updates once per couple of years. I don’t need this.

The bottom line of this blog post is that we live in the consumer society and if you drink Coca-Cola and eat burgers then perhaps you shouldn’t concern about extra dollar per month for hosting or follow paradigm "if it works - don’t touch". Because it is significant for you to change something if you really need it. Even if you will not receive any lucre.

That’s why I as a developer spend so much time learning programming languages which I will never use in production.