Start the game

  1. For Launcher.exe (and start.exe in the GOG version) switch off all compatibility settings, but…​

  2. Switch on reduced color mode (to 16-bit).

  3. Run as admin (if you can’t connect to any of the Tools - this is probably this problem).

  4. Download the patch from here, or if it is not available, here.

  5. Unzip the file content to the installation folder (where the Launcher.exe file is).

Life Kit #1

When you start installation, it may be possible that installation "won’t work." In my case, it did not even appear as a window.

My fix:

  1. Open Task Manager.

  2. Go to the Details tab.

  3. Find Setup.exe (in my version).

  4. Right Click - Analyze the wait chain.

  5. In the window, select blocking processes and kill them with the button below.

This fix may work for many InstallShield issues with old games.

For reference, this is my version: